It Ain’t All About Sex In Goa

My cellphone rang!!!

It was 11:30pm. Who could have called??

I caught hold of the cell, it flashed Nikhil………

Nikhil, one of my best buddies, recently joined Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT).
We had a casual chat about his new college, subjects, teachers, his new friends and lots more.

Just for the sake of curiosity I asked him about how his friends felt about our state, Goa.

I was shocked by the reply!

All of them praised Goa for the silver sand beaches and the world-famous Churches but primarily the question they asked was “Wow!!! Goa? What luck yar…. Lot of girls there are willing to take off their clothes for money. Do you know any “massage parlour” where we can get a nice body massage, we can enjoy when we visit next time?”


Are they serious?

Is this what they think about my beloved state??

I had to write this post after hearing all that bullshit.

Needless to say, Goa, with lot of beaches, Churches, Temples and many more scenic locations (especially during rains) is a famous tourist destination.


But I would love to put forth the accusations too.

Now look, I am not going to say “Oh, Goa is so picture perfect, not even a single flaw” and all that.

No I am not going to say that.

Let us just face it.

I agree prostitution ( The world’s oldest profession!!! ) happens in Goa. Yes.

But so it is, in almost every part of India and the world.

No matter how cleverly our politicians might deny this, facts aren’t going to change.

What surprises me is that compared to several other places in India it is very low. Has anyone heard about the Sonagachi in West Bengal, Garstin Bastion Road in New Delhi, Kamathipura in Mumbai??? Anyone?

Compared to this areas, it’s negligible in Goa.
Besides, why only Goa is being pointed out when prostitution is practiced almost everywhere in India??

Goans are also accused of being drunk all the time.

It is just that the tax on liquor here is very low compared to the other states. Hence alcoholic drinks are cheaper.

According to a survey conducted recently, close to 70 percent (68 to be precise!!) Goans do not drink alcoholic beverages. Astonishing, isn’t it!!!

The fact is that, when Indian tourists come down to Goa, they purchase liquor of twice the amount they usually do since they feel being in drunkard’s paradise.

But since liquor is cheap, they actually end up drinking more than 5 times the alcohol they usually drink!!!
That to in twice the amount they usually spend.

So who are the drunkards then? Goans or the Tourists??
It’s time for a reality-check baby!!!

Goan women are often considered scantily dressed ( Goa is quite liberal towards women). Contrary to that, the women tourist from across India that arrive in Goa actually wear the skimpiest clothes they ever had (because nobody is going to recognize them here).

And you say Goan women are scantily dressed?
Hypocrisy at its peak!!!

I do agree that there are plethora of foreigners moving in bikinis on the beach ( The beaches are titled as “Nude beaches” sometimes ).
But what else do you expect from them?
It’s beach, hence beachwear. It’s perfectly fine for them, for their culture.

Finally, guys I would urge you not to believe those Bollywood movies depicting Goa; many a time these are work of fiction that is supposed to end once you are out of the theatre.
Goa is very different compared to what is projected on the screen.

Off course, there are problems like prostitution, drugs and many others.
But Goa is a very peaceful state, famous for its Churches,exotic beaches,temples and nature.
It’s exquisite cuisine and Portuguese influence in various spheres of life.

And above all that, its congenial and friendly people.

But it’s definitely not all about sex in this Heaven on Earth.


22 thoughts on “It Ain’t All About Sex In Goa

  1. I Just came back to Bangalore from Goa today only… I got this post by searching “where is the prostitution in Goa?”(Frankly)… In my four days trip, I did not find any one… That too any villagers sit and drink in bars during the day time…Only the tourists,bar guys and who ever does work for tourist people(like party,drivers etc)

    • Bhaskar, that’s the point I am making.
      Goa is really a wonderful place to be in.
      But somehow this image is being tarnished by all these allegations.
      Anyways, thank you for reading the post, hope you enjoyed.

  2. everything in goa is great and you are right but the people in south goa are not atol friendly i belive they would kill each and every tourist if they are allowed to…

    • Hey Jai……………..
      I presume that you had a really bad experience with people of South Goa.
      But trust me, that’s not the case.
      They too, are really very nice.
      It’s unfair on our part to judge an entire community based on the actions of the few, isn’t it?
      Frankly, I do believe from the very bottom of my heart that the world is not divided into good or bad people.
      Everything is in SHADES OF GREY.
      Anyways, thanks for reading the post.
      I really appreciate it.

      • I completely believe in what you said but when i was there it was not with only me we were like a group of 300 people and every single person was abused either physically or orally by the people and this is the saying of the Goa people as well when we asked them and they said south Goa people doesn’t like tourist but all said and done it is one of the best places i ever visited and will visit it soon again.

  3. Hey ,

    I personally have been visiting GOA since 2011 and I should say I have lost the count on my visit to this wonderful destination I like the rainy season .I am really shocked to see local people don’t drink like the tourist do.
    And the fact about the miss conception what people have created in their mind about prostitution in goa, guys u need 2 be really carefull the reason being going to find girls u will end up in a trap and even bfre you have realized you would have lost the money.
    Best part is the cops they don’t ask u if u have a beer bottle in ur hand and walk around ,they have a very simple rule u wanna drink enjoy but do not create any problem.
    I would say goa is a place where I would go to relax and enjoy the beautiful sea.

    • Hey Karthik…..
      Thanks for reading the post.
      Its so nice that we share the same sentiments.
      Goa is definitely a place for fun, frolic, enjoyment and you just cannot get enough of it in a visit or two, for it brings you back!!!

  4. Friends,
    I appreciate you guys, well said Karthik and Durga Kumar. Even I have experienced the same has you both said. All these false statement is only because of our few naughty friends. U know they tend to missguide us by saying all these bullshits. GOA is heaven instead.

    • Hey Harish…….

      You are so right. Touche….
      I always believe that every coin has two sides.
      I won’t deny the malpractices, but having said that there are whole lot of positives also.
      And that’s what I want to say.
      Thanks for reading the post by the way 🙂

  5. dear friends,
    i m visiting twice in a financial year in goa. and telling u very frankly i am always rearching of prostitues.but till date i didnt find any one.goa is so clean in green.

  6. Sudhakaran Pillai Kochi
    Dear durga ,
    I have an opportunity to stay at Goa for 20 days and covered almost all parts of Goa . On my departure to Goa I strongly believed as other keralite , Goa a place of women and Wine
    But during my stay and carefull observation . I had to change my beliefs. What a tourist sees there are not the culture of Goa . Not a single goan is found intoxicated by over consumption as in our state . More attracted is the decent dressing and behavior of the goan girls , What we see in the
    beaches is the imported culture of the tourists..

    • Hey Sudhakaran…..
      My apologies for replying with such a delay.
      Very well said my friend.
      And I am sure there are hundreds of guys who feel the same way as you did….that Goa is much more that booze, sex and sand.

  7. hi dks
    i m palanikumar from madurai (TN) but i like goa (sea,nature,beach,nice people etc)
    I read your massage very nice & true massage for goa

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