My First Post

Hello Guys………..
It’s been quite a some time now that I am thinking of writing a blog. And finally I am here writing MY FIRST BLOG!!!( Butterflies in the stomach ).
I don’t know what your reaction will be, but still I am making an attempt( hope it won’t be a suicidal one though ). I just want to enjoy each and every moment of being “the new kid on the block“.

Lets go back in time…say 2-3 years. During my engineering I did participate in quizzes (I guess it is probably the only and the best thing which I did during the college time). Once we(me and my partner) participated in a quiz but lost in the preliminaries. We were really disappointed because we lost to cheaters. Ego hurt!!! We went to the organizers, asked them about this. The main organizer was a guy named Amey Parsekar, our senior. That was my first meeting with this guy. He told us that he saw what had happened and that arrangements were made so that it won’t affect the finals. And indeed the CHEATERS didn’t win.

Last year, once again I met Amey. Reason…….The quiz, again . Since he passed out from our college and joined prestigious Goa Institute of Management(GIM), we both were rivals this time around. Result……..A close finish, they won and we came second. After the quiz, we chatted for an hour or so. In this whole process, I got to know how his path to the GIM was obstructed by financial hindrances; when all seemed lost, how his friends arranged the fee amount(2-3 lakhs I think), how the banks initially refused him to pass the loan and loads of other things. The term “friend” all of a sudden sounded like Almighty’s.

This year, my brother got admission in GIM. And for the reference I took Amey’s contact number. My bro spoke to him regarding the college, the admission process and lot of other things. And my bro also told him that the scene for us was more or less similar to his path (The first installment, this year was 4 lakhs and I guess it’s a huge amount for any middle-class family). Amey offered us an amount of Rs. 25000 and told that once he started working he’ll give even more. My bro thanked him and informed that the financial arrangements were somehow already done. But the most important thing was the moral support, someone convincing you that it’s OK, this is just a phase that will pass away, everything will be alright in the end.Some days later, Amey called and told my bro that he got the job offer letter and now that he has a job, he is willing to help my bro with all the monthly expenses while doing MBA. I don’t know, but a couple of seconds later I felt something, something that came out as slight moistness in my eyes.

This entire episode was really very emotional for me, my bro( idiot wont admit that he was about to burst into tears.),my family. After all, I barely knew this guy. I mean 4-5 meetings doesn’t impose any compulsion on you. And helping your friend’s bro, in this case is really GREAT. In these times, when people are really busy with their own lives and have no time for others, this was a complete myth-buster. In this highly complex world, humanity still exists. Amey’s words give me new enthusiasm, a different outlook towards society. We might not recognize it sometimes, but the society helps us in numerous ways. And its our responsibility to help back, at least return a fractional piece of what the society gives us. One always remains in debt to society.