The Monsoon Saga

I just don’t get these people……………..

I really hate to see those grim-faced idiots when it starts raining.
Sometimes, when it rains, people frown because according to them it makes their umbrellas wet!!!
Yes, literally. I mean what in the world are umbrellas made for??

For me, I just love rains………

When the first few drops of water fall from the heaven, the aroma it creates………..mystical.
It can compete with the best perfumes in the world.

Rain has always been subject of my fascination since I was a little kid.

For me, as a kid, the first day of the school was the hardest…………..and the happiest.
Trying to balance my weight, with backpack and the wet umbrella in one hand…………in a running bus.
A real circus.

When the whole world says “Rain Rain Go Away“, we Indians echo Ye Re Ye Re Pausa ( meaning Oh Rain Come Along ).
I mean, wouldn’t it be awesome for Johnny to play in the rains???
We used to play in the muddy water, completely drenched in rain( I still do it sometimes! )

Mom used to shout at me furiously.

The aftermath??? ……………….No prizes for guessing this one correct. The running nose.

And those homemade medicines ( Mom-made actually!! ) tasted as if cyanide was a better substitute.

And the thundering that would send chills down the spine…….

Those unused notebooks pages………. we used to tear secretly to make the paper boats of different sizes. And the joy of seeing them floating on the rain water …………..magical.
I bet most of you, reading this one probably did that too.

Those moments when I used to reach home after heavy rains and mom used to hand me a cup of tea, and the aroma of the snacks ( pakode especially!!) would tease my taste buds. Ahhhh……….It makes me feel nostalgic.

The puddles of water everywhere, the greenery, the rice fields, farmers working rigorously in the fields have mesmerized me on countless occasions.

The Gulmohar ( Royal Poinciana or Flamboyant ) standing on the roadside is as usual charismatic. The raindrops on the leaves sparkled liked diamonds when the sunrays kissed them gently.

The climate during the rains is just soothing and refreshing……..both to the body and mind.
I feel I am really blessed that I was born in a state which comes under the heavy rainfall category.

And the most important thing that I love about the rains is the romance that it stirs in me……………..

In my teens ( or for that matter most of you did ), I used to dream that someday WE will be walking down the street in a single umbrella during heavy rains!!! That’s the ultimate romantic thing for me.
Like the “pyar hua ikraar hua hai” kinda romance. Bollywood style……….
Bollywood has churned out some iconic rain-romance sequences. And the greatest of them all is “pyar hua ikraar hua hai”.

After so many years, nothing has changed much………not really.

Well, I am still single ( Those interested can message on or better contact me on 94044372**…….keep guessing) and I still dream about getting cozy under the umbrella with that special one.

Those home-made medicines still suck big time.

And the old classic Hindi songs still touch my soul ( those songs somehow tend to be more romantic in monsoon!!!).

There are some minute changes though.

Well, I am not a kid anymore or so I think!!!

Those snacks, pakodas that mom prepared are now sometimes replaced by 2-minute Maggi noodles ( 2-minute??? Impossible!!! ) or may be sometimes with unhealthy, not-so-good junk stuff.

Number of children making paper boats with their tiny hands and longing to see their boat floating on water to eternity is shrinking monsoon by monsoon.

And well, ever busy people (like all of us) partly due to their hectic, tiresome schedule, who sometimes don’t even remember when was the last time they submitted themselves completely to the rain.

So people, I urge you to get out of your house this monsoon. Take out time from your busy schedule.
Go, get yourselves drenched in the rain. Just relive those special moments, which you were once dying for.

Find that special one with whom you can share your umbrella affectionately.

But till then listen to this beautiful song by Jagjit Singh:

ye daulat bhi le lo, ye shoharat bhi le lo
bhale chhin lo mujhse meri javani
magar mujhko lauta do bachapan ka saavan
vo kagaz ki kashti, vo barish ka pani

(Which roughly means: Take away the money, take away the glow of the youth, instead return my childhood, the paper boats and the monsoons)