The Unanswered Questions

Oh My God!!!

That was what I blurted out when I saw the queue. I was aware that the queue would be a long one, but this long???

As usual I was late!

It was carnival of sorts…………
People were shouting, screaming in a slightly low volume.

I was standing in a queue to contribute for the Uttarakhand Relief Fund. In fact, each one of us was.

“Oh God! I just can’t bear this heat. It really sucks when rain vanishes all of a sudden”. I heard a women telling her friend with an annoying tone.

Those two women were dressed as if they dressed to attend a wedding, with so much jewellery and make-up (Actually that bullshit make-up made them look like middle-aged harlots…………really).

Their garrulous talks continued………

“This heat is ruining my make-up. Do you know how much this mascara costs?? Its made-in-Australia.” One of them said.

“Yeah I know, the rates are so high. I mean how can the rates of life essential commodities be so high??”

Mascara……….Life essential??
What The ****!!!

They both continued.

“My husband is very generous, you know. He is very keen in donating stuff. So, I am donating thousand rupees. How much are you offering?”

“Same here. I think, it is up to us rich people to donate and stuff like that. I mean, lower middle-class people don’t donate, let alone poor people”.

I just couldn’t take it any more.
So I turned away my head. I started to search for some entertainment.
And instantly, I found it.

I saw a small girl walking on a tight rope, high above the ground. Her walk, with a bamboo in her hands for balancing, was quite rhythmic.


There was another performer too, probably her brother, who thrilled the passers-by with his mastery over the skills in gymnastics.

The ease with which both the kids were displaying their skills made me wonder why India lags behind in Gymnastics at the Olympics.

At the end of their road-side show, the two kids started moving from person to person to collect the money.

The reality now started to creep in that for these impoverished children that wasn’t a Gymnastic routine. It was their bread, sans butter.

I realized the queue was now much shorter, rather only 7-8 people were remaining. Those performing kids made me forget all the surroundings.

Finally, it was my turn after close to two hours.
I handed the amount, the person collecting the money handed the receipt.

I started towards my bike. Suddenly these two kids appeared again.
I thought they were about to start the new show.

But they moved past me, towards the donation camp.
The girl handed a note of 20 Rupees to the cashier.

Baffled, I inquired with the person at the camp.

He said “For the past 6 days these kids are performing in front of the crowd and at the end of the show they hand over 20 Rupees everyday to me as a contribution to the Uttarakhand victims. These kids don’t even know where Uttarakhand is. All they know is that there are kids of their age in Uttarakhand, and right now they are in far worse condition than them”.

I realized that you don’t have to earn millions to donate, the only thing you need is heart.

I just wondered which one of these was the real India?
The one that so-called rich, jewellery-flashing, bullshit-talking women represented or the compassionate India that those kids represent.

The one that our ever-quarrelling politicians (who try to make headlines and garner support even in tragedies like the one just happened in Uttarakhand) represent??

Or the India that is represented by selfless Indian Army that saved thousands of lives in the tragedy, without caring a bit about themselves??

It’s time for the answers…………